TV6 Manual

TV6 is the master operating system for the x-ray detectors in the lab. It also has a large number of features for data and image analysis, display and printing. TV6 is a monster, involving about 100k lines of C code. It is designed to be easy to use for the expert user; unfortunately, it does this by sacrificing transparency for the novice (A user-friendly version is in the works, but isn't ready yet). If you use the x-ray detectors, it is well worth your while to take the day or so it takes to learn how to use TV6. Not to do so always turns out to be a mistake.

Ask one of the old hands in the lab for a tutorial on TV6. TV6 has its own help file system. A version of the help file, which is a good sketch of what TV6 can do, is in n:\tv6\tv6_intro.doc (An older version, which has info on some commands available on a few of our systems is in n:\tv6\shepherd\tv6man.doc).

There is a 3-ring binder labeled "TV6" on the shelves in the x-ray room where the radiation safety manuals are kept. This binder has a paper copy of tv6_intro and a log of tv6 bugs. Pick it up and thumb through it, but don't take it from the x-ray room. New tv6 bugs are popping up all the time. It is important to note any bugs you find in this 3-ring binder so that the code improves over time.

Here is the 1998 version of the manual

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